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Welcome back students by wearing a mask

For the first time since March, Farmville will return to its status as a two-college town with the reopening of Longwood University and Hampden-Sydney College ... Read more

1 week ago by Roger Watson.

Column – Remote learning is the right decision

Area school officials are making the right decision by moving to online classes for the fall. As sad as it is to think there will ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Roger Watson.

COLUMN — There is no debate, seat belts save lives

I’m old, but sometimes the news still amazes me, especially these days. The latest news story to amaze me was a sad statistic from a ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Roger Watson.

COLUMN – Public hearing is the right option for statue resolution

The Farmville Town Council, much maligned for its handling of the removal of the Confederate statue, got it right earlier this month when it decided ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Roger Watson.

COLUMN — Public meetings should actually include the public

It is time to put the public back into public meetings. The experiment of using conference calls, Facebook Live and whatever other concocted means local ... Read more

1 month ago by Roger Watson.

Right decision but done terribly wrong

The Farmville Town Council’s decision to take down the Confederate soldier statue was exactly the right decision, but the way it was carried out should ... Read more

2 months ago by Roger Watson.