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Charlton named branch manager

A lifelong resident of the Heart of Virginia has been named the branch manager for The Barbara Rose Johns Farmville-Prince Edward Community Library.

Julianna Charlton

Julianna Charlton started her position Monday.

Charlton was raised in Prince Edward and surrounding counties, even attending an elementary school program at Longwood University — then called Longwood College — and attending Longwood, studying psychology. She said she has fond memories of making the most of area libraries.

“One of my first happy memories is in a library reading children’s books,” Charlton said.

Charlton was the administrator of Home Recovery-Home Aid, which has its headquarters at 816 E. Third St. and has worked with a company specializing in medical equipment sales, on her family’s farm and taught ballroom dancing, among other careers.

Charlton said she had not initially thought about working for the branch until her brother had been speaking with Central Virginia Regional Library (CVRL) Director Rick Ewing.

In hearing the job description from Ewing, Charlton said her brother thought the position would be perfect for her and encouraged her to apply.

“I’m willing and able to learn,” Charlton said. “I’m going to enjoy learning something new (while) bringing skills that I’ve already learned in other places.”

“I think it will be a great fit,” Charlton said.

She said she aims to connect with people in the community to show them resources offered at the library, and noted those who visit the library are often called “patrons” and “community members.”

“They’re really not our patrons or our community, because to me, they are our neighbors,” Charlton said. “They come over for a cup of sugar, (we say), ‘Coming right up.’ … What we’re talking about and learning is, ‘How can we improve this for the system?’”

Rick Ewing

She said the first week has involved meeting the staff and learning the ropes of the position.

Ewing said he was excited to have Charlton’s experience both with people and in Farmville to bring to the library.

“I’m just really happy to not only have a branch manager as we’ve waited a while for a branch manager, but to find a branch manager who I think will make a difference in the community, make a difference in the library, connect with the community, connect with local organizations and places like Moton and Longwood — and I know that’ll happen,” Ewing said.

“Finding someone locally, who grew up here, is fantastic,” Ewing said. “Since I’m not from this area, I recognize that while local is not necessary, it sure is nice. And finding somebody local was on my checklist of important things. I’m really happy that happened.”

To learn more about the library, call (434) 392-6924.