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Work planned for Route 307

Q: How many injuries and fatalities have there been on Route 307 in Prince Edward County?

Since 2010 there have been 43 accidents on Route 307, also known as Holly Farms Road, in Prince Edward County.

According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles’ TREDS system — a database of crash history dating back to 2010 — the accidents have resulted in 19 injuries and two fatalities.

Eight of the accidents were speed related, two accidents involved unrestrained occupants, eight had distractions involved in them, six involved teen drivers, eight involved drivers 65 years or older, one involved a bicycle and one involved a large truck.

During the same time period, there have been more than 2,500 accidents in Prince Edward altogether. Overall accidents in the county have resulted in approximately 1,560 injuries and 45 fatalities.

Route 307 spans 9.32 miles from U.S. Route 460 at Rice to U.S. 360 near Jetersville.

The most recent accident on Route 307 occurred Aug. 28 and resulted in one serious injury.

According to the Virginia Department of Transportation spokeswoman Paula Jones, in 2014, a corridor study was completed on Route 307 from Route 360 to Route 460 in Amelia, Nottoway and Prince Edward counties.

“The study included analyses of operating speeds, heavy vehicle usage, crash history, traffic-control device review and guardrail investment needs determination,” Jones said.

She said the study examined crash history from Jan. 1, 2008 to Dec. 31, 2012 and compared that history to the statewide average for similar statewide two-lane non-divided highways.

“Route 307 was lower than the statewide average in overall crash and injury rates and fatalities,” Jones said. “During this timeframe, there were actually 71 crashes with no fatalities on the entire corridor; however, I do not have breakdown by county.”

She said as a result of the study, improvements were made to sight distance at the intersection of Routes 307 and 731 and a “Hill Blocks View” sign west of the intersection was erected.

She said additional signage on U.S. Route 460 East was installed on the left-turn lane and additional centerline pavement markings, as well as intersection warning signs on the westbound approach of U.S. Route 460 to Route 307, were installed.

“In recent years, work to (improve sight distance on) Route 307 has been undertaken. Major reclamation of right of way, daylighting of signage and treatment of undergrowth have occurred,” Jones said. “In addition, there has been regular maintenance undertaken, including mowing, snow removal and surface repairs.”

Additionally, a design public hearing is set for Sept. 14 regarding planned safety improvements by reconstructing the Route 307 intersection with westbound U.S. Route 460.

According to a press release, the existing right through lane of U.S. Route 460 West will be dropped and vehicles entering from Route 307 traveling west will have a dedicated lane.

“The right-turn lane on U.S. Route 460 West currently serving Route 307 will be reconstructed and lengthened,” officials said in the release. “In addition, a right-turn lane will be constructed. …”