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Adventure debuts commercials

Q: What’s The Heart of Your Adventure and what does it have to do with “Find It In Farmville?”

The Heart of Your Adventure (THOYA) celebrated its 10th anniversary Thursday and shared — for the first time — its “Find It In Farmville” campaign, consisting of four 30-second commercials that will air on television in Charlottesville, Washington D.C. and Richmond throughout October. The effort was boosted by a $2,500 grant from the Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC).

“As a partnership, The Heart of Your Adventure — which consists of the Town of Farmville, the county of Prince Edward, Farmville Downtown Partnership and the Farmville Area Chamber — we’ve been working for 10 years to promote the various events and opportunities to showcase what we have to bring more visitors here, to stay longer and spend more money,” said Prince Edward County Tourism Coordinator Magi Van Eps.

She said the four commercials regarded four target markets of Farmville.

“One’s history and heritage, one’s outdoor adventure, one’s shop and dine and then we have the overview video, and they’re four 30-second commercials,” Van Eps said. “Two of them are going to be up on Comcast Spotlight for the month of October to draw more visitors to come to us, to come to Farmville, ‘Find It In Farmville.’”

Farmville Town Planner Cindy Morris said the commercials were the first that the town has had done professionally.

“The airtime is a very important key, and that’s what the (VTC), the grant money is giving us funding to do that,” Morris said.

Farmville Downtown Partnership Program Manager John Burton said the videos will also be shared via social media and on other websites online.

“One thing that I find really exciting is that kind of for our first phase we’re focusing on airing the shop and dine and then our overview commercial throughout the fourth quarter, you know, people are starting to think about shopping (with) the holiday season,” Burton said. “And then we are prepared next spring to really showcase our history and heritage and outdoor recreation videos when people are getting more prepared for the nicer weather in the spring.”

Farmville Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Joy Stump said throughout October the commercials will be broadcast on Comcast Spotlight, which is an advertising sales company that provides local market coverage across multiple platforms — cable TV, satellite, telco, online and video on demand — and can target customers geographically, demographically and by message to reach specific audience segments.

“They kind of looked at the demographics; we kind of talked about we wanted people that like to travel and to do weekend trips or overnight trips. So they kind of ran those demographics and that’s who they’re going to target …,” Stump said. “Food Network, CNN, they even looked at Cartoon Network, so they did all of that work for us because they’re the experts on that and they’ll figure out who they want to target and the times of day.”

The videos will be promoted through VisitFarmville.com starting Oct. 2.