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‘A unique perspective’


I fully support the traffic engineer’s recommendation of building a single-lane roundabout at the inefficient intersection of Oak Street, High Street and Griffin Boulevard.

I am in favor of a roundabout because it will enhance the aesthetic value of the town, increase the efficiency of the intersection and it will be safer for pedestrians and drivers. I have a unique perspective on this topic because my home overlooks the intersection.

The current intersection resembles a jungle of poles and wires. By building a roundabout, there is the potential for at least six poles, over 60 wires and three unsightly silver control boxes to disappear out of sight. To top it off, the roundabout can be filled with beautiful landscaping that will welcome visitors and residents to historic downtown Farmville, Longwood University and the surrounding neighborhoods. In terms of efficiency, pedestrians and drivers currently wait at least two minutes per cycle, and this wait time can double during the busiest times of the day. A roundabout will decrease the wait time for all and keep the flow of traffic moving.

Finally, I am greatly concerned with pedestrian and driver safety.

Whether you support a roundabout in Farmville or not, I encourage you to learn more about them.

A great place to start is www.theheartofvirginiaroundabout.com. Here you can view a live video stream of the current intersection, check out roundabouts in other parts of Virginia and easily link to external information from the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Ann Yoelin