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New position could pay $94K

Once selected, the assistant town manager for the Town of Farmville could make up to $94,000 annually, according to a town-issued notice seeking applications for the new position.

The notice, posted on the town’s website, cites the hiring range for the position is between $90,680-$94,000.

J.J. “Jamie” Davis

Duties of the new position, according to the notice, include directing and overseeing assigned departments or other town functions; planning, directing, supervising and participating in the general budgetary and accounting functions of the town; serving as the town’s zoning administrator, overseeing all aspects of planning and zoning in town; assisting the town manager in coordinating personnel and administrative policy matters to ensure compliance and maintain operational standards; attending council meetings and other committee meetings and public hearings; and assisting the town manager in his absence and serving as town manager in his absence.

The announcement to advertise the position, which is included in the town’s proposed fiscal year 2017-18 operating budget, came May 10 during council’s regularly scheduled meeting.

“Mr. Mayor, also in that (proposed) budget is a new position that’s being created,” Ward E Councilman and Finance Committee Chairman J.J. “Jamie” Davis said, “out of recommendation from council, and that will be an assistant town manager’s position and we request that council go ahead and make a motion to … advertise for that position.”

Kate Pickett Eggleston

The council voted unanimously to approve advertisement of the position with no comment from council members.

“Town council decided that it is necessary to divide this position into two separate jobs in order to effectively fulfill the needs of both offices,” Town Spokeswoman Kate Pickett Eggleston said. “The Town of Farmville is thriving and there are many projects that are currently in development. As a result, there are increasing responsibilities in the town manager’s office. The assistant town manager will be supporting the town manager by supervising and coordinating various projects, among other duties.”

Town Manager Gerald J. Spates — who’s served in his current position for nearly 40 years — was named assistant town manager in 1975 before being promoted to town manager.

The town previously sought to hire a director of administration, one that would encompass town administration and duties regarding the financial operations of the town.

According to the public notice, “the assistant town manager should possess, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in business administration, public administration or a related field of administration. Prior experience in municipal or public jurisdiction is preferred.”

The deadline for applying for the position, according to the notice, is June 26.