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RCI Wrote Another Column


Hmm, doesn't have much of a zing to it, does it?

It's rather an incomplete thought, really; a sentence without a predicate.


C I…what?

You CI did it?

Again, it begs the further question, what?

C one go (if we take the Roman numeral approach) to the store?

First, it should be C me go to the store. Besides, there's not even an expressed or implied purpose for even going to said store. So it, again, begs an obvious question, though this time it's not what, but why?

CI D (cubic inch displacement)?

One can only wonder with a CI involved.

CI R can make some sense, especially when it's in front of Lancelot, but beyond that most are only left to wonder whether it's a misunderstood acronym or if the shift key got mistakenly locked on all caps.

That, of course, is why RGIII works for Robert Griffin III, and RCI doesn't work for the guy behind the keyboard. RGIII exudes coolness while RCI (which, incidentally, stands for Rob Chapman I, though I am an original without seconds or thirds before or behind me) only leads to a quizzical look. RGIII resonates thoughts of something like the TR7 (which was, we were told back in the 70s, the shape of things to come. Wonder what happened to that? Guess we're still waiting for things to come).

RCI might play well on the marquee for a sports pavilion. An RCI Center would do well in Farmville. Yes, it's out there as a concept, but don't be so quick so say no. While it may not be a chopped, centeR CIrloin cut of an idea or even a PewteR CIppy cup, it would look good up in lights.

But let's getR CIrious here.

Griffin III played quarterback for Baylor University so well that he won the stellaR, CInsational Heisman Trophy as the nation's best collegiate player last year and was picked second overall in the NFL draft by the Washington Redskins last week (at least we'll figure that going into the draft, as of this writing).

Will RGIII be the answer to the once proud, but now loseR CIdeshow team's woes? Fans hope so-this here loneR CIrtanly does.

Whatever happens, it's sure to be a believeR CIrcus in Washington once the pre-season gets underway.

There'll be ouR CIncere hopes.

And theateR-CIrtified dreams.

A swirl lasting until the first snap of the season for imagineeR CItizens.

Of course, we may get sick of all the contrived RGIII references building up to and through the coming seasons. Some media types just can't let some things go.

If there's one thing our betteR CIrcuits don't like, it's having things contrived just to suit a purpose.

That, my friends, is a cleveR CInch.

Yes, this is not one of my betteR CIlly ideas for a column, but it was a good exeRCIse in writing.

RCIs aside, I think I'll just grab a biggeR CIder cup and think on something else. RCI wishes you well RGIII.